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As part of our effort to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and strengthen connections among our awardees, we organize awardee retreats that typically take place in a different location every year. These weeklong retreats not only serve as a valuable platform for networking with other stakeholders, but also provide our awardees with a well-deserved opportunity to take a breath and recharge.

We are planning to host our next retreat in Bali, Indonesia, in July 2024. We are looking for a freelance external partner with robust experience in planning international events with an emphasis on values, safety, attention to detail, excellent communication internally and externally, and seamless execution.

Additionally, the retreat is an annual event; therefore, we are keen on finding someone with whom we can work on an ongoing basis following the Bali retreat, even as we shift locations around the world.

The deadline to submit your proposal is November 24, 2023.

Details and other information, including where to submit, are here.