We’re looking for scouts

We’re seeking scouts with strong networks and climate experience in China and East Asia to help us find candidates for the prestigious Climate Breakthrough Award.

The Climate Breakthrough Award is a global multi-million-dollar, multi-year, flexible grant for extraordinary climate leaders to pursue their most ambitious, innovative climate endeavors. Recipients of the award today each gets a US$3 million, flexible grant over the course of three years in addition to capacity-building support to start a new climate mitigation endeavor or scale up early-stage work that has immense breakthrough potential across regions or industries and could materially change the lives of millions.

Scouts reach out to their networks about the award, identify promising candidates (individuals or small teams of up to three) in their specific geography, conduct early vetting, and submit nominations to us for further assessment. A key part of how we leverage networks to identify and evaluate outstanding candidates for the award, scouts are a critical component of our mission to make an outsized impact in resolving the climate crisis.

This six-month, part-time contract position is for $5,000 USD. The time commitment is for approximately two days/month.

If you’re interested in being a scout or know someone with the right skills, please direct them to this link for more information including the scope of work and how to apply: Scouts for Climate Breakthrough

The scope of work is also available here.

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