Webinar: How Climate Leaders Are Creating Breakthroughs During COVID-19

Climate Breakthrough hosted a conversation with four Climate Breakthrough Awardees, facilitated by Liz McKeon of the IKEA Foundation, on creating climate mitigation breakthroughs during a global pandemic.

A recording of the webinar is accessible below

At Climate Breakthrough, we support proven leaders to design and implement game-changing efforts to address the climate crisis. We believe in taking risks—big risks—because the size of the problem is too great to act modestly. Our model is to give exceptional leaders the time, space, and resources to step away from their daily work to create something new and bold to tackle global emissions, and then to help them realize their gigaton-scale strategies.

Climate Breakthrough is devoted to giving extraordinary people the opportunity to do extraordinary things to solve the climate crisis. We do that by identifying, supporting, and unleashing innovative leaders with transformative climate mitigation strategies. The individuals selected as Climate Breakthrough Awardees are exceptional people: they are problem solvers, capable of designing and pursuing large-scale, fast-paced emissions reduction efforts that have the potential to reduce annual global emissions by hundreds of millions of metric tons.

For this conversation, we heard from four of Climate Breakthrough’s incredible awardees: Tzeporah Berman, Tessa Khan, Sebastián Kind, and Bruce Nilles. This conversation centered around pursuing global climate strategies amid COVID-19. Although each of these awardees are pursuing significantly different strategies, they are all working on global or multinational efforts, and they are all relatively early in implementing their work. We look for nimble and adaptive leaders in selecting our awardees, but the pandemic has tested all of us when it comes to our resilience and adaptability. Throughout the course of the conversation, the panelists discussed what the pandemic has meant for their breakthrough strategies. 

Overview of the Panelists:

  • Tzeporah Berman with Stand, is based in Canada. She is working on a supply-side oil & gas strategy, with a large portion focused on a Fossil Fuel Non-proliferation Treaty. Read more about Tzeporah.
  • Tessa Khan with the Climate Litigation Network, is based in the United Kingdom. She supports litigation and movement building to bring unprecedented pressure on national governments to take action on climate. Read more about Tessa.
  • Sebastián Kind with RELP (formerly GREENMAP), is based in Argentina. He is working to mobilize investment for large scale renewable energy development in emerging markets. Read more about Sebastián.
  • Bruce Nilles with Climate Imperative, is based in the United States. He joined Climate Breakthrough to work on getting gas out of buildings in the US but has just transitioned to take on multiple high-level policy efforts around the world. Read more about Bruce.
  • This webinar was moderated by Liz McKeon of the IKEA Foundation. Read more about the IKEA Foundation.