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  • Country: China
  • Cohort: 2016
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A multifaceted personality with a diverse background in media, entertainment, and environmental activism, May Mei is the founder of GoalBlue, a Chinese startup NGO that aims to spark lasting low-carbon dietary and lifestyle trends among China’s rapidly growing middle class, urban, and millennial populations.

“Being in the entertainment business for ten years was something I enjoyed and was used to, as my family’s business is film and TV. My media knowledge and background give me tools that I use today to really engage people and share important information with them about the Earth’s wellbeing. In my experience, people can make better choices when they truly understand things. Ignorance can be tackled by sharing information. And we don’t want our children or nature to pay for our ignorance.”

Breakthrough Idea

Lead consumer behavior changes among China’s urban and millennial populations through massive awareness-building campaigns to cultivate low-carbon dietary behavior, make healthier and more sustainable food choices, and reduce plastic packaging and food waste.

May made her mark in the world of Chinese television. For over a decade, she served as a producer and director for renowned networks such as CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV. Her family’s deep-rooted connection to film and television provided her with a unique perspective on the power of media to shape minds and create change.

“The year I moved with my son back to Beijing, the pollution was so bad. I couldn’t believe it. I asked myself, “What are we leaving behind for our children and the next generations?”

May’s life took a pivotal turn when she joined WildAid China, a prominent environmental organization. Over the course of 12 years, she rose through the ranks to become the organization’s chief representative. It was here that she played a pivotal role in a game-changing campaign that would forever alter China’s eating habits: the campaign against shark fin soup consumption.

As China underwent a media revolution, with social media gaining prominence, May recognized that conventional engagement strategies needed a fresh approach.

“In 2016, when I set up GoalBlue, China’s whole media landscape had changed. Social media was booming, so television stations could no longer be the sole influencers for millions of people. We needed to find a different way to encourage the younger generation to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. The usual engagement strategies no longer worked. The biggest challenge for us was to stay very alert because social media trends change fast and we didn’t want to lose connection to our audience.”

May received a Climate Breakthrough Award to expand her climate action. Her strategy involved massive awareness-building campaigns targeting meat consumption, plastic packaging, and food waste among China’s youth. The results were nothing short of astonishing: GoalBlue reached a staggering 220 million people through a blend of online and offline initiatives.

We need interesting sustainable lifestyle solutions to fix our climate change problems.

may mei

“So far, we’ve seen that younger people understand sustainability problems. What’s still lacking is getting them to take climate action. We try to bridge that gap by letting the younger generation act in a way that feels natural. We use social media as a platform to engage them online as well as to organize events offline.”

As May reflects on her journey, her words serve as a testament to her dedication to environmental advocacy and the power of media in driving change. Through GoalBlue, she continues to inspire and educate millions, fostering a world where sustainability is not just an option but a way of life and where the younger generation takes control of a brighter future.


May Mei is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in international non-profit management, media production, and environmental advocacy. As the founder of WildAid China, she led impactful public awareness campaigns and secured annual pro-bono media placements valued between $150 million and $200 million.

Prior to her non-profit work, May had a successful career in Chinese media, directing and producing over 500 episodes for major television programs. Her rich media and international communication background laid a strong foundation for her influential contributions to environmental protection.

She holds a Master’s in Executive MBA from Chang Kang Graduate School of Business, a Certificate in Production for Film and Television from UCLA Extension, a Post-graduate program in Television Journalism from Beijing Broadcast Academy, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Hunan Normal University, and a Theatre Degree from Hunan Arts College, underpinning her diverse career in nonprofit management, media production, and environmental advocacy.

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